【WR】Recommended for beginners to intermediate users How to use a setup and efficient AU! 【guide】



This page is going to introduce you Taka’s, who is in a Champion League in 3 platforms, recommendations such as:

  • Efficient usage of gold (Au)
  • Setup recommendations for beginners to intermediates

Recommended robots and weapons are for the people who do not pay or pay a little.
If you can pay as much as you want to or get strong weapons by the blackmarkets, then I recommend you to level up those strong equipments.

To know the information, which is strong and should level up, check the links below:

If you have any items (Robots or Weapons) that Rating is above 4.5, give them priority to level up without hesitation.
For those items with rating 4 or less, you don’t need to level them up forcibly.

Thank you for reading!!

Usage of gold (Au) for the beginners

※Order in higher priority

  1. Highest Priority Additional robot slots 2, 3 and 4
  2. Priority Additional robot slot 5 (5000AU)
  3. Purchase of 「Taran」(1500AU)
  4. Skipping the upgrade time and others

As the first step, give priority to get robot slots (Maximum 5 slots)!

An additional robot will enhance your fighting potential very much!

Because of the existence of trends in robots and weapons, this is an efficient way to be stronger!

Recommended setups in level

Recommended setups for the beginners to intermediates!

〜Lv5 CossackPunisher T Get beacons and learn shootings
Lv6 PattonPunisher or Pinata×4  Short to middle Combat
Lv14 LeoPunisherThunder Short combat (One Leo is enough)
Lv16 GriffinPunisher TPunisherGriffinTulumbasPin
(Ideal hanger: Leo×1 + Griffin×3 or 4)
Lv18 NatashaThunderPunisher Short combat
(Ideal hanger: Leo×1 + Natasha×1 + Griffin×2 or 3. Punisher Griffin could be 2)

Leo and Natasha are high potential robots that can be used until champion league! (Of course, you can use them after)
When you got one, let’s level them up!
Griffin will not be used after intermediate so you will not need to level up them! (initial level is 6)

When you level up robots and weapons, try to make them evenly as possible!
※because the matching might be based on levels in your setup.

Recommended weapons for beginners

  • Punisher(This will not be used in the later)
  • Punisher T(This will not be used in the later)
  • Thunder
  • Tulumbas(This might be used in the later)
  • Pin(This will not be used in the later)

Recommended weapons for intermediate players

Weapons below(Especially Taran) will be used at a higher level so it will be efficient to give them priority to level up.

  • Thunder(Relatively use)
  • Taran(Almost essential. Use all the time)

Setups for advanced players

This is Taka’s personal setup!
Definitely one of the strongest setup in the current environment!
Please for your reference!

About modules


For the mid to long-range setups, it is essential to equip「Quantum Radar」or「Lock-Down Ammo
For the short-range setups「Repair Unit」is better.


For all mid to long-range setups, equip modules to buf your firepower such as 「Thermonuclear Reactor
For the short-range setups, one「Last Stand」 and whatever you want.

Ratings for modules this here!

At last

Thank you for reading to the end!

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All right, everyone, have a great War Robots life!!
See you in the battle field!

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