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Type Passive
Overview Invincible for a certain time
Effect details If HP falls below 30%, it will not take damage for 4.5 seconds
Effect time 4.5 seconds
Available Level 25
Acquisition cost 5k Au

※Status of Max Level (Lv6)


  • If you set more than one, the trigger threshold (up to 30%) will only increase, and the invincible time (up to 4.5 seconds) will not increase.
  • Therefore, the merit of setting a plurality is quite small.
  • Activates once per body. After recovery, it will not trigger even if it falls below the threshold (up to 30%) again.


The strongest

A short-range robot is almost an essential module!
Definitely the strongest!
With the advent of this module, the usefulness of Orkan and other powerful weapons with a long reload time has decreased.
  • Beginners Guide is here!
  • The strongest ranking of version 5.2 is here!

Level Status, Cost

LV Threshold Time Cost Time
1 5% 2 seconds 5kAu
2 10% 2.5 seconds 40MAg 2d
3 15% 3 seconds 40MAg 2d
4 20% 3.5 seconds 40MAg 2d
5 25% 4 seconds 40MAg 2d
6 30% 4.5 seconds 40MAg 2d


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