【WR】Modules information and rating!


Active Module

Name Overview Rating
Phase Shift Invincible for a certain time 5 new
Advanced Repair Unit HP recovery (medium) 5
Quantum Radar Disable stealth 4.5
Death Mark Attack power up (small) 4.5
Repair Unit HP recovery (small) 4
Lock-Down Ammo Lock down 4

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Passive Module

Name Overview Rating
Last Stand No damage for a certain time 5
Thermonuclear Reactor Attack power increase (Medium) 4.5
Heavy Armor Kit Robot HP increase (medium) 4.5
Anticontrol Lockdown, suppression disabled 4
Fortifier Improved shielding performance 4 new!
Battle Born Increases defense when respawning 2.5
Nuclear Reactor Attack power increase (small) 2
Armor Kit Robot HP increase (small) 2

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